Painted cardboard umbrella stand

Lurking beneath this stylish hallway accessory lies the most humble of ingredients. A redundant paint tin filled with gravel provides the stability and once covered in card, and wallpaper, the resultant stand is both inventive and inexpensive. If you’re feeling arty, buy a large sheet of plain card and draw your own design.

You’ll need
    • Roll of corrugated card
    • Wallpaper off-cut, 70cm long
    • Empty paint tin, 2.5 litre
    • Worktop edging, white
    • plastic lipped
    • Pop rivet gun and rivets or small uts, bolts and washers
    • Spray adhesive
    • Gravel, to half fill paint tin
    • Masking tape
    • Spray varnish
    1. Clean the paint tin thoroughly and remove the handle. Roll corrugated card around the container with the smooth side facing out. Cut the card to form a single butt-joined layer round the tin. Flatten out the card, lay the wallpaper on top and then trim the card to the same width as the wallpaper. Roll the card round the tin again and stick the join with masking tape.

    2. Cut each end of the wallpaper to ensure that it is straight and square. It should be long enough to go around the cylinder of card with approx 8cm of overlap. In a well ventilated room, spray the back of the wallpaper with the adhesive and then stick this around the card cylinder. You will need someone to help you do this. Push the paint tin into the bottom of the construction.

    3.Bend the plastic edging into a circle the same size as the card cylinder with a 3.5cm overlap. If using a rivet gun, drill a hole through the overlap the same diameter as a small rivet. Place the plastic edging over thetop of the card tube, insert the rivet through the edging and card and use the rivet gun to attach. Or join with a small nut and bolt with a washer on the inside of the cylinder. Repeat the last stage on the bottom of the cylinder rivet or bolting through the paint tin as well.

    1. To make the inside of the cylinder waterproof, spray it with an aerosol varnish. Avoid using any water-based brands as they will weaken the card. Finally, half fill the tin with gravel to weigh down the stand and make it stable.