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Paint Up Plain Bottles

There are moments when we fancy really challenging ourselves and taking on a big project, or tackling a tricky technique we’ve never tried before. But there are other times when we just want a
quick, crafty fix – a simple make that will instantly update our homes and only take a few minutes of our time. And that’s exactly the category that this project falls into – all you need are a few bottles in different shapes and sizes, some lovely thick paints and some pretty blooms for a fresh and colourful display. What are you waiting for?

You'll Need:
    • Transparent bottles and jars
    • Plastic tubes or shot glasses
    • Coloured emulsion paints
    • Paintbrush
    • Remove the labels and clean the insides of the glassware. Leave to dry.

    • Choose a colour and pour a good amount of paint into the bottom of one of the vessels.

    • Slowly rotate the bottle to get the paint to coat the entire interior. Depending on the paint, this may require two coats and a paintbrush will help to cover all the edges.

    • Let it dry thoroughly then place a shot glass or plastic tube inside to hold the water for the flower. Fill with your favourite blooms and you’re done!