paint ombre drawers,

Paint ombre drawers

Following a recent visit to a Paul Klee exhibition, designer Annie Sloan was left compelled to paint a number of pieces inspired by his work. “Avant garde artist Paul Klee really knocks my socks off!” she exclaimed. “Seeing the Klee show spurred me to produce new pieces and to think about the nature of colour.” Here, Annie has translated his style onto this lovely chest of drawers in a beautiful graduated effect after seeing a particular piece of his work. “I was really struck by ‘Greeting’ in which Klee paints shutter-like bands of graduated colour across a page while different coloured arrows flow up and down to meet,” she said. Using this as her muse, Annie has created a bold statement piece of furniture, which you can replicate in easy steps.

You’ll need:
    • Old chest of drawers

    • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Graphite,

    • Barcelona Orange, Greek Blue

    1. Paint the frame of the chest of drawers in Graphite Chalk Paint. Starting from the bottom drawer, make gradual colour gradations using two colours. We chose Barcelona Orange for the top and Greek Blue for the bottom.

    2. For the bottom drawer we used Greek Blue on its own, for the next we mixed a small amount of Barcelona Orange in with Greek Blue, and so on, finishing with Barcelona Orange on its own for the top drawer.