Learn to model chocolate bunting

Chocolate modelling is the latest sugarcraft skill we can’t wait to master. Pretty, fun and delicious, these decorations make for great cake toppers - check out our latest issue to find out how to craft miniature bows and see below for a tutorial in edible bunting, all from the fabulous Chocolate Modelling Cake Toppers -101 tasty ideas for candy clay, modelling chocolate and other fondant alternatives by Ramla Khan (photography Ian Garlick, Apple Press, £12.99).


    • Tylose powder
    • Modelling chocolate, coloured in 4 colours of your choice
    • Rolling pin
    • Ruler
    • Knife or cutting wheel
    • Triangle cutter
    • Small circle cutter or piping nozzle
    • Cake smoother

    1. Knead some tylose powder into the modeling chocolate. Select 2 colours of modeling chocolate to use for the striped bunting. Roll out each to 2mm thick.

    2. Using a ruler, measure and cut strips of equal widths and roughly equal lengths using a knife or a cutting wheel.

    3. Lay the strips side by side in alternating colours, making sure there are no gaps between the strips.

    4. Gently roll along the strips to join them. Ensure you roll along the lengths of the strips, rather than across them, to avoid distorting the lines. Now use a triangle cutter or a craft knife and ruler to cut out triangles from the striped modelling chocolate. Set aside.

    5. Roll out the remaining 2 pieces of coloured modelling chocolate to a thickness of 2mm. Use a small circle cutter or a piping nozzle to cut small circles from 1 colour. Arrange these on the other piece of rolledout modelling chocolate in a regular polka dot pattern. Gently roll the rolling pin across the top to flatten the dots into the layer of modelling chocolate beneath. Now cut out triangles using the triangle cutter

    6. To make the bunting ‘string’, roll a ball of modeling paste into a sausage shape, then continue rolling with a cake smoother to form a long, thin cylinder. Place in a swag shape on your cake. Position the triangles along the string to resemble bunting.