Milk Carton Party Favours

Give your cocoa party a special finishing touch with milk carton party favours for your friends and family to take home. Easy to make, then fill with sweets, marshmallows and chocolates.

  • Milk Carton Party Favours
    • Thin card
    • Scalpel
    • Computer and printer
    • Free template
    • PVA glue
    • Cutting mat
    1. Download the milk carton templates and print out onto plain card. You’ll end up with one wood-effect, one red patterned and one plain. You can also use the plain template and print it onto any coloured card you desire.

    2. Score along the dotted lines using a blunt scalpel and a scoring mat, and cut out the solid lines. Fold up the carton shape, then stick the tabs with some PVA glue. Decorate each carton with various coloured paper and card strips, twine, eyelets and tags. Fill the cartons, then secure with a small bulldog clip and name tag.