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Makeover an office chair

For many of us, countless hours and days are spent in an office, and so here at Homemaker we are of the opinion that your working space should be as comfortable and attractive as your home. That’s why we chose this simple upholstery project, which takes a classically dull and dreary office chair and instantly transforms it into a seat that will make you itching to get into the office! We’ve used a pretty material with a painterly floral effect, but you can choose any pattern you like to make your chair individual and the envy of all your colleagues.

You’ll need:
    • Office chair

    • Fabric

    • Scissors and pins

    • Tape measure

    • Ruler

    • Pattern paper and pencil

    • Needle and strong thread

    • Staple gun

    • Pliers

    • Hammer

    • Screwdriver

    1. Firstly, dismantle the chair. Most office chairs have hard plastic backs into which the upholstered pads are fitted. This is held in place with a few bolts which need to be undone, but there are also internal connections which have to be prised apart with a screwdriver.

    2. Next take off the fabric. You will need a flat headed screwdriver or a staple remover and a pair of pliers; whilst executing this process, pay attention to how the upholstery has been attached for when you reassemble the piece.

    3. Make a pattern for the fabric by drawing around the seat and the back onto a piece of pattern paper. Take measurements from the removed pieces to give you an idea of how much you will need to add to the pattern to accommodate wrapping the fabric to the wrong side. Cut out the pattern then use this to cut out the fabric. Consider the pattern on the fabric when using the template; the direction of the flowers or positioning of stripes.

    4. Next, thread a needle with a long length of strong thread, tie a knot in the end and then make a running stitch all the way around the outer edge of one of the cut pieces, approximately 1cm from the edge, until you reach the place you started. Repeat the process on the remaining piece.

    5. Place the seat in the centre and pull the thread so the fabric gathers up around the seat. Take the knotted end of the thread and pull from this end too. Even out the gathers around the seat and then tightly knot the two ends together. A few staples will need to be used to ensure that the fabric is tight and there are no pleats or wrinkles on the corners edges of the seat.

    6. Repeat the process on the remaining cut piece of fabric and the back of the chair. Make sure that none of the fabric is covering the holes needed for the internal connectors.

    7. Finally, reassemble the chair. Connect and tighten the bolts, then press in the internal connectors.