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Makeover A Wardrobe

Turn tatty secondhand finds into gorgeous, room-transforming designs. This wardrobe has been given a complete overhaul - before, it was a broken, dark brown wardrobe that really needed some love. Now? You’ve got yourself a light pink wardrobe with plenty of storage options, and gorgeously lined with wallpaper. Read on for the full project…

For The Outside, You'll Need:
    • 6mm thick MDF from B&Q
    • Glasspaper, medium and fine
    • Instant grab adhesive
    • PVA glue
    • Dowel rod, 18mm diameter
    • Drill and 18mm drill flat bit
    • Electric jigsaw and hand saw
    • Screws and screwdriver
    • Undercoat, white acrylic
    • Paint, chemise and pink slip from Little Greene
    • Amaco Rub ’n Buff gold gilding wax
    • Paintbrushes and a small foam roller
    • Wallpaper, geranium pale topaz from Laura Ashley
    • Wallpaper paste and brush
    • Dust mask
For The Inside, You'll Need:
    • Pine shelving from
    • Pine batten
    • Jigsaw and hand saw
    • Screws and screwdriver
    • Coat hooks from
    • Wallpaper, Geranium Pale Topaz from Laura Ashley
    • Wallpaper paste and brush
    1. Sand down the wardrobe first with the medium and then fine glass paper to remove any old varnish and wax. Always be sure to wear a dust mask when doing this, as old vanish and dust can be very toxic.

    2. Give whole wardrobe a coat of white undercoat paint inside and out and leave to dry. Paint with two shades of pink, using the darker pink in the recessed areas and the lighter in all the other parts. Use a small foam roller on the large flat surfaces to achieve a good finish. Paint the rest of the wardrobe with a small brush. Leave this to dry before applying a second coat.

    3. Next, make the missing drawer space into a shoe rack, by lining the sides and base with the 6mm MDF, which can be measured and cut to size with a jigsaw. Drill 18mm holes into the two side pieces to hold the dowel rod for the shoe rack. Paint the dowel rod with the darker pink paint and leave to dry.

    4. Cover the sides and base of the shoe rack area in the floral Laura Ashley wallpaper. When these are completely dry glue into place with the instant grab adhesive, not forgetting to thread in the dowel rod first.

    5. For finishing touches apply gold gilding wax to the raised areas of the carving and the door handle. This can be put on simply using a finger and then buffed with a clean soft cloth.

    1. Cut the shelving so that it fits inside your wardrobe and cover it with the wallpaper. Then measure and cut two pieces of batten so they are just shorter than the depth of the shelf. Screw one piece of batten into each side of the wardrobe just below where you would like the top shelf to sit. Repeat the process for the bottom shelf.

    2. Cover the floor of the wardrobe and the inside of the door in the wallpaper.

    3. To complete the project, fit heart-shaped coat hooks to the inside of the door.