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Make Travel Inspired Accessories

Even if you don’t want to part with your stack of maps, beautiful vintage ones often find themselves in car boots and charity shops, so can be picked up very cheaply. Our set of five desk accessories are incredibly easy to create (the chief technique here is cutting and pasting!), but they add instant pizzazz to a dingy home office. Looking ahead to September, they’d make a great gift for a schoolgoer or leaving present for *sniff sniff* those off to university!

You’ll need:
    • Vintage maps

    • Mounting card Fimo, red

    • Double-sided tape

    • Ribbon, pale blue

    • Magnetic paint or tape

    • Acrylic paint: white and pale blue

    • Items to decorate: coasters, wooden box, container, notebook

    • Tracing paper

    • PVA glue

    • Craft knife and cutting mat

    • Paintbrushes

Paper clip holder
    1. Paint a couple of coats of magnetic paint on to a sheet of mounting card, letting each coat dry before applying the next. Using the template provided, cut out a pyramid with a scalpel and cutting mat. Alternatively, stick magnetic tape to the pyramid once it has been assembled.

    2. Score the pyramid where noted and fold. Assemble by sticking three sides together with masking tape. Tie the ends of a length of ribbon together and thread through the top of the pyramid before the last side is sealed.

    3. Cover with double-sided tape. Cut a large piece of the map big enough to go over the four sides in one go and also the base. Cover each side of the pyramid, trim to create a neat seam on the last face. Cut the map at angles and fold it under base for a neat finish.

    4. Make a small red bead from polymer clay; add a large hole and bake the bead according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Thread the bead onto the loop of the ribbon and tie a knot to secure.

Pencil holder
    1. Make a tracing paper template of a plastic tub you wish to decorate. Lay the tracing paper over the map and mark around it with a pencil. Cut out the map with a scalpel and glue the back of the map with PVA glue.

    2. Position the map round the tub, smoothing out any air bubbles. Once dry, wrap pale blue ribbon around the tub twice. Make up a red polymer clay bead as for the pyramid, and thread it onto the ribbon. Tie a knot to secure.

    1. Paint two coasters with a couple of coats of pale blue acrylic paint; let the paint dry between coats. Cut out two pieces of map – one for each coaster.

    2. Glue the backs of the maps with PVA glue, then position on the coasters. Trapped air bubbles can be smoothed out with a finger. Once dry, trim the excess paper with a scalpel and cutting mat.

    1. Measure a notebook and use a tracing paper template to choose a piece of map to cover the notebook. Cut out with a scalpel.

    2. Paste the back of the map with PVA glue and position onto the notebook, smoothing out any air bubbles. Once dry, glue a piece of ribbon to the inside of the spine and two pieces of ribbon to the covers. Add a red polymer clay bead to each piece of ribbon to finish.

    1. Paint a small plywood box inside and out with white paint. Add coordinating panels of pale blue paint and leave to dry.

    2. Choose an interesting piece of map, cut to fit the lid of the box and glue into position. Finish by sticking on a length of pale blue ribbon around the side of the box.