Make Sweet Sugarpaste Flowers

We are all over sugarcraft at the moment, as you will see from our new series all about it, which starts in issue 21, out Friday 11th July. We’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into the kinds of things we will be covering by sharing this tutorial for sweet sugarpaste daisies, from Juliet Sear’s incredible book, aptly named ‘The Cake Decorating Bible.’

  • Make Sweet Sugarpaste Flowers
    • Icing sugar
    • Petal paste, in your choice of colour
    • Small plastic icing rolling pin
    • Floppy mat (or book wrapped in cling film)
    • Cutter or plunger cutter, in your chosen shape
    • Foam or gel pad
    • Ball tool
    • Former

    1. Dust the worktop with icing sugar and knead the petal paste until soft and pliable and roll out with a small rolling pin. Cover the majority of your petal paste with your floppy mat to prevent it from drying out.

    2. Use a daisy-shaped cutter to punch out a flower shape. Eject the shape onto your foam pad or push out with your finger or the ball tool.

    3. Use the ball tool to create an impression of movement in the petals – by adding pressure to the petal paste you can draw the edges of the petals upwards.

    4. A former will hold the petals in shape until they set hard, but petal paste is stiff and sets quickly so you may find you don’t need to do this.

    5. Repeat the steps to cut out and shape the next daisy. It’s best to do one at a time, so that you shape the petals before they become too stiff.

    6. Once dry, simply pop the flowers on top of buttercream-covered cupcakes or attach to an iced cake with royal icing. You can pipe colourful centres into the daisies once they are stuck onto the cake.

    And there you have it, a beautifully decorated sugarcraft masterpiece!