Sew summer bunting

A string of vibrant bunting will instantly inject fun and colour into your summer soiree. Find out how to make your own here:

  • Sew summer bunting
    • Different printed and plain cotton fabrics in bright colours
    • Printed satin bias binding
    • Lightweight white card
    • Craft knife, ruler, cutting board and pencil
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine, matching thread and pins

    First, make a template for the bunting from the cardboard; draw a horizontal line 13cm long, find the centre and measure vertically down 20cm. Mark this point then join the outer points of the 13cm line to this mark to make a triangular flag shape. Cut out the card template.

    Draw around the template onto the wrong side of the fabric and cut out, adding an extra 5mm seam allowance as you cut the two long angled edges. Cut along the line on top edge - two pieces for each flag is required. The total amount depends on the length you want the bunting to cover - it works out at approximately six flags per meter. Work out the order of the flags before you start stitching to create a pleasing combination.

    Lay each pair with the right sides of the fabric facing each other and pin to secure. Stitch the two triangles together using the drawn lines as a guide to keep the flags uniform in size. Stitch along the two long edges, pivoting on the needle at the point of the triangle. Then work your way through the remaining pairs of flags. Trim away the excess fabric from each of the points to remove bulk.

    Turn each triangle to the right side, carefully tease out the points and the seam lines and press. A crafty tip to make the pressing process quicker is to slide the card template inside each flag above the seam allowance as you press them, this will help to push out the seams evenly and the points. Trim the tops of the flags to make them perfectly straight.

    Press the bias binding in half lengthways and place the top raw straight edge of each fabric triangle inside the binding. Pin to hold in place. Position the flags 4cm apart along the binding and edge stitch along the edge of the binding, sandwiching each flag inside as you stitch. Fold the two ends of the binding over to the wrong side of the bunting and secure with a few stitches to create hanging loops.