Make speckled eggs with our easy tutorial

We can’t wait to start crafting for Easter, and these sweet speckled eggs are an easy-peasy make that will look wonderful dotted around your home, adorning a springtime table or even as a decorative cake topper. Simply follow our instructions below to make your own:

  • Make speckled eggs with our easy tutorial
You'll need

    *Chalk paint; Cream and coloured (we used Rustoleum chalk furniture paint)

    *Wooden eggs

    *Old toothbrush

    1. Stir the light-coloured chalk paint well before coating the wooden eggs with two thin coats. Try and keep the brush strokes running from end to end. If desired, blend a little colour into the paint as you go for a graduated tint effect. Leave to dry.

    2. Place the egg onto newspaper. Dip an old toothbrush into coloured paint without loading it too much. Use your finger to bend the bristles towards you so that as they snap back they flick specks of paint onto the egg.

    3. Let the specks dry before turning the egg and splattering the other side. Leave the paint to dry completely. For a soft sheen to the egg, rub a little soft beeswax over the surface, leave for a few minutes and then buff with a soft cotton cloth.

    TOP TIP: Many wooden eggs come with a small hole in the base from where they were turned on a lathe. Take advantage of this and push a pencil tip into the hole, allowing you to paint the whole egg without touching it. Place the other end of the pencil into a drinking glass so the egg can dry.