• Make Pineapple Dishes From Clay
You'll Need:
    • Air dry clay
    • Small glass oval pie plate
    • Cling film
    • Rolling pin
    • Craft knife
    • White and gold paint
    • Quilting stitch marker wheel (optional)
    1. Roll out air dry clay to a thickness of 2mm. Line a pie plate with cling film before laying the sheet of clay inside and pressing down as you would with pastry. Trim the edges of the clay to the edges of the plate with a knife and leave for 15 minutes.

    2. Turn out the clay case onto a non-stick surface and peel away the cling film. Leave to partially dry upside-down for a few hours before carefully turning over to let the centre dry overnight.

    3. Roll out air dry clay and use a craft knife to cut five leaf shapes. Fix three leaves to the underside of the bowl’s lip at the top, dampening the bowl to aid adhesion and smoothing the edges of the leaf base into the dry clay.

    4. Flip the bowl over, adding support beneath the leaves with a stack of card or block of wood. Use the quilting wheel to add detail to the leaves. Place the two remaining leaves on top of the first three, blending in and marking as before.

    5. Roll out air dry clay and cut into 2cm squares. Take a square, turn diagonally and push in opposite corners. Smooth the top corner to a clean point with a damp finger. Slide a knife under the clay to remove it cleanly from the surface and fix to the top-centre of the bowl, covering the ends of the leaves. Smooth the bottom edges into the bowl and mark down the centre with a quilting wheel.

    6. Create and add more fruit segments to the edges of the bowl in this way with each one overlapping the last. Make the three segments at the bottom end of the bowl point upwards so the bases can be smoothly blended into the curved edge of the bowl. Leave to dry overnight before gently sanding away any rough edges and painting as desired.

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