patterned boxes,

Make perfect patterned boxes

An uninspirational desk will lead to uninspirational ideas. Ensure yours is positively dripping with creativity by whipping up a few desk tidies; find a few shallow boxes (with lids, preferably), then follow our instructions below for a neat and crisp finish. We’ve used paper, but you could easily get the same effect with fabric, especially if you have a few scraps lying about. As they’re so simple to make, you could even switch up the design seasonally or for different occasions. In fact, our fab bicycle design is a homage to Tour de France, which will start in Leeds on 5th July, continue to Sheffield on the 6th, then finally reach London on the 7th. So even if you don’t catch some of the action, making our fun project will at least feel as though you’re getting in the spirit!

You’ll need:
    • Box with lid

    • Patterned paper

    • Double-sided tape

    • Scissors

    1. Find a suitable box with a separate lid. Cover the bottom with strips of patterned paper, folding 1cm over the top edge and using double sided tape to secure.

    2. Fold over and mitre the corners of the other edge of the strip, then fix to the base of the box. Cover the base with a rectangle of plain card to neaten.

    3. Cover the top of the box with a large rectangle of paper, positioning the pattern centrally. Fold the long sides in, fixing the edges inside.

    4. Clip from the short edges to the corners, fold in the tabs before folding in the short sides and fixing as before.


    This nifty little fox design appears in issue 73 of Papercrafter magazine, on sale 11th July, where you can also learn how to make a cute squirrel and bird version, all with the free kit.

    1. Download the template at, then cut out the shape from a sheet of green card. Simply adjust the proportions for a bigger, smaller or square-shaped box.

    2. Score along the dotted lines and glue the side tab to the short edge to assemble. Fix the base flaps in place with double-sided tape. Decorate as desired.