Make Max McMurdo’s Upcycled Antler Coat Rack

Stags and deer are so on trend this year, and what better way to incorporate this motif into your home than with a little bit of upcycling? Here, Reestore LTD founder and upcycling guru Max McMurdo shows you how to create a gorgeous antler coat rack from scaffolding board offcuts.

  • Make Max McMurdo’s Upcycled Antler Coat Rack
You'll need
    • Offcuts of scaffolding board (or similar wood)
    • Scaffold elbow, 90ºC
Max McMurdo's Upcycled Antler Coat Rack
    1. Mark out the shapes for your antlers and the shield on your wood. Cut out carefully using a jigsaw and sand all the cut edges smooth.

    2. Wax the antlers to bring out the beauty of the wood. Sand lightly to create highlights in the grain.

    3. Paint the shield in a colour of your choice. Allow to dry.

    4. Sand back the paint to reveal some of the wood, especially on the edges, for an attractive distressed look.

    5. Insert both antlers into the scaffold joint. You might need to sand the edges to get it to fit snugly.

    6. Drill holes in the shield for screws to pass through in line with the holes in the scaffold joint.

    7. Place your components face down and screw the shield through the holes in the scaffold joint and into the wood of the antlers. It’s now ready to hang on the wall!

    Upcycling: 20 Creative Projects Made From Reclaimed Materials is out now (£20, Jacqui Small)