Make Gizzi Erskine’s Festive Wreaths Today!

You know it’s Christmas when everyone’s doors are lined with gorgeous, rustic wreaths. But which style should you go for? Whether you want yours covered in pompoms, cranberries or herbs, celebrity chef and TV personality Gizzi Erskine has the perfect recipe for crafting your own…

  • Make Gizzi Erskine’s Festive Wreaths Today!
Herb wreath
    • Florist’s wire
    • Wire or rattan wreath frame, about 40cm
    • 5 bunches of fresh rosemary
    • A handful of medium-sized elastic bands
    • Wire cutters
    • 5 bunches of fresh thyme
    • 5 bunches of fresh sage
    • 2 bunches bay leaves
Cranberry wreath
    • Cocktail sticks
    • Approximately 2kg fresh cranberries
    • Styrofoam or polystyrene wreath ring (at least 5cm wide)
    • 2 metres wide ribbon
Pompom wreath
    • Glue gun
    • Styrofoam or polystyrene wreath ring (at least 5cm wide)
    • Pompoms in various colours and sizes
Herb wreath
    1. Wrap florist’s wire around the wreath frame in a criss-cross pattern at intervals of about 2cm – this is to attach the herbs to.
    2. Divide the rosemary into bunches of 5–7 stems and bind the stalks of each bunch with elastic bands.
    3. Secure the first bunch to the frame using wire, wrapping it around the stalks and cutting any excess with wire cutters.
    4. Place the next bundle of herbs so the leaves cover the stems of the previous bunch – you only want the leaves on show.
    5. Continue this process until one quarter of the frame is covered in the first herb. Repeat with the remaining 3 herbs until the frame is covered.

Cranberry wreath
    1. Break the cocktail sticks in half. Take one half stick and poke the broken end into the base of each cranberry.
    2. Stick each cranberry into the Styrofoam – I like to do this in concentric circles to create a uniform pattern.
    3. Continue this process until the base is entirely covered, then add a ribbon to finish.
    4. This wreath should last at least a week, especially if it’s cold outside!
Pompom wreath

    Using the glue gun, simply cover the base of the wreath with pompoms. I find it easier to stick the big ones on first and then fill in the gaps with the smaller ones.

    Extracted from Gizzi’s Season’s Eatings (£25, Mitchell Beazley)