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Make Designer Candlesticks

Join old crockery and glassware together with epoxy adhesive to make larger-than-life candlesticks for your home. We’ve coloured ours with white, metallic gold and copper paints from Plastikote. Aren’t they stunning? They have the ability to make a real statement in your abode, and demonstrate upcycling at its best.

You'll Need
    • Old crockery, candlesticks and glassware
    • Spray paint and primer
    • Epoxy adhesive
    • Wash and dry all the pieces to remove any traces of grease from the surface. Stack together into a pillar, playing around with the arrangement until you’re happy. Avoid making it too top-heavy and ensure the base is fairly substantial. Take a quick photo of the pillar for future reference.

    • Decide on the colour scheme. If you wish to paint the whole pillar in one colour, this can be done after it’s glued together. If, however, you want different hues and effects in the same pillar, the individual pieces will need to be painted separately.

    • Place the piece on top of an empty tin can inside a large box and spray with primer, rotating the object by moving the tin round. Once dry, re-spray with your chosen colour. Allow to dry completely before touching.

    • Check the arrangement and use sandpaper to remove excess paint from the top or bottom of each piece where they will be glued together. Mix up a little two-part epoxy adhesive and fix the bits together, checking they are central and straight before the resin cures.