• Make Cheese Plant Leaves
You'll Need:
    • Textured green cardstock, 12” square
    • Pale green chalk
    • Small garden cane
    • Green florist’s tape
    • Green Duck tape
    1. Trace our template onto the reverse of textured green cardstock and cut out with sharp scissors or a craft knife. If making several leaves, create variations in the positioning of the middle holes and the splits in the leaves.

    2. Run the edges of the leaves between your thumb and a scissor blade to gently curl them under. Use pale green chalk to lightly sketch out highlights on the leaf before blending them into the cardstock with your finger in a circular motion.

    3. Cover a small garden cane with green florists’ tape, wrapping it around the cane at an angle and stretching the tape as you do so to release the adhesive. Use a narrow strip of green Duck Tape to secure the top of the cane to the back of the leaf.

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