• Make a vintage-style tea tray
You’ll need
    • Scalpel blade
    • Metal ruler
    • Cutting mat
    • Rapid-dry epoxy resin
    • Super glue
    • Drill, drill bit and screw driver
    • Small pewter finish cabinet
    • Knobs, two
    • PVA glue
    • Wallpaper sample to fit tray
    • MDF to fit tray, 2mm
    • Photo frame
    1. Remove the glass and backing board from the photo frame. We used a 28cm x 36cm frame for our tray. Cut a piece of 2mm MDF to 27.5cm x 35cm, this will be the new backing board. Use a scalpel, cutting mat and metal ruler to shape wallpaper to fit the MDF board and put it to one side.

    2. Dilute good quality PVA glue with water. Paste the MDF board liberally with the glue then gently slide the wallpaper onto it. Carefully press out any air bubbles and set it aside. Leave it to completely dry overnight.

    3.Measure the position for the knobs on the frame and drill the holes. Use the appropriate screw driver to attach the screws. Secure the knobs, making sure they are nice and tight. Clean the piece of glass that came with the photo frame in hot soapy water and dry.

    1. Glue the glass into the photo frame with a few blobs of strong super glue or epoxy resin. Complete the tea tray by gluing in the backing board with more strong adhesive for a neat finish and leave to dry overnight. We advise using the tray for decorative use only and not for carrying items; if you want to use it practically, then ensure the backing board is securely fixed in position.