Make A Cosy Travel Bag For Your Slippers

We reckon you’ve already fallen in love with the hygge house shoes we featured on page 48 in issue 51 of Homemaker. With the festive season fast approaching, you’re probably also wondering exactly how you’re going to transport them from one social occasion to another - after all, dancing in slippers after midnight is the only way to dance. Maker Debbie von Grabeler-Crozier has the perfect solution: pack your slippers away in a cosy bag. Here’s how the make one:

  • Make A Cosy Travel Bag For Your Slippers
House shoe bag
    • Fabric, five fat quarters
    • Lining fabric, fat quarter
    • Black and white fabric, 30cm strip
    • Label
    1. Choose fabrics for the bottom, middle and top of the bag. Cut two pieces, 15cm x 23cm, for the bottom; two pieces, 10cm x 23cm for the middle and two pieces, 10cm x 23cm for the top. Sew three of the pieces together to make the front, and three to make the back.

    2. To make the bag casing, cut two 8cm x 21cm pieces of another fabric. Fold in half lengthways and press to make a crease. Sew down the short sides and along the bottom, leaving a gap for turning out.Turn out through the gap and press the casing piece flat.

    3. Fold the three piece bag panel in half vertically and crease to find the centre. Do the same with the casing. Line the two creases up and topstitch the casing on the top and bottom, 4.5cm from the top.

    4. Use one of the bag panels (front or back) as a template to cut two pieces of lining.

    5. Assemble the bag outer by placing the two pieces right sides together and sewing the sides and bottom. Do the same for the lining, but leave a gap along the bottom.

    6. Turn the outer the right way out and leave the lining inside out. Pull the lining on to the outer so the right sides are together. Sew around the top of the bag. Turn out through the gap in the lining and close the gap. Topstitch around the the top edge to keep the lining down.

    7. Make a tie by cutting a strip of one of black and white fabric 4cm x 85cm. Fold the piece in half lengthways and press to crease. Fold the raw edges in to the centre and press. Topstitch down the length both sides.

    8. Tie one end of the tie off and thread the other end through the casing. Tie the other end and shorten if required.