Make a pretty picnic rug carrier

In issue 21, we showed you how to transform a plain basket into a beautiful picnic hamper, so we thought in this bonus project, we would show you how to make a cute carrier for your picnic rug, so that it will sit inside nice and neatly.

  • Make a pretty picnic rug carrier
    • Elastic, 2.5cm wide
    • Fabric
    • Curtain buckram
    • Rouleaux turning hook

    1. To make the carrier for the rug make two strips of covered elastic with the rouleaux turning hook as explained in the magazine (when making the plate holders in the hamper). Make these long enough to circle a rolled up rug. Lay the two ends over one another and the stitch them together to make two circles.

    2. Next make a carrying handle. Cut a strip of curtain buckram 3cms wide approximately 42cms long and then cut a length of pink fabric to the same length and 6cms wide. Place the buckram in the centre and then fold in both edges of the fabric and press in place.

    3. Cut a strip of floral fabric again to the same length but 5cms. Fold the two edges in to meet each other and place on top of the pink fabric strip; this strip will cover the raw pink edges.

    4. Edge-stitch the floral strip in the centre of the pink. You should be able to see a narrow strip of pink on either side of the floral strip. Place the two ends around the elastic circles positioning over the joins in the elastic; fold in the raw ends and edge stitch in place.

    5. Place the elastics around the rolled rug and the handle should loop away from the rug to enable you to carry it.