Make a planner

Where does the time go? Here at Homemaker HQ we find ourselves asking that question every week… Well, they say time flies when you’re having fun! Still, it pays to be organised for a more efficient, stressfree life – only because it means we can spend more time on our favourite crafts, of course. That’s why we thought the scheduler frame was a must-have for Homemakers. With a wipeable surface, it means that you can view your weekly plans with ease and readily make changes. Once you’ve got yours you won’t look back!

You’ll need
    • Large picture frame
    • Coloured emulsion
    • Wallpaper sample
    • A3 coloured card
    1. Remove the back and the glass from the frame and paint the wood with two even coats of emulsion, allowing the paint to dry between coats.

    2. Cut a piece of wallpaper large enough to cover the entire back of the frame and glue in place.

    3. Mark out a 7 x 5 grid on a sheet of A3 card, coloured to match the frame. Use a craft knife to cut the squares out, leaving a 3-4mm thick grid.

    4. Fix the grid to the centre of the wallpaper and hand cut letters from scrap card to indicate the days of the week. Place the letters above the grid.

    5. Replace the glass and fit the covered back in the frame. Use spirit pens to write in the month, dates and appointments. Wipe clean at the end of the month and start again.