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Make A Lost Sock Board

Create this adorable peg board for your laundry room or space - it’ll make finding those elusive socks far less infuriating!

  • Make A Lost Sock Board
You'll Need:
    • Hardboard
    • Fabric: Script Turquoise, Confetti Watermelon
    • Paper, transfer and white
    • Curtain interlining
    • Spray mount
    • Piping cord
    • Wooden pegs
    • Buttons
    • Hot glue gun
    1. Print out ‘Sock Seeking Matching Pair’ onto transfer paper, selecting ‘mirror image’ in the print settings. Trim and lay face-down onto patterned fabric, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to adhere. Back with card.

    2. Stick curtain interlining to the hardboard and snip off the excess. Spray patterned fabric, cut to 3cm larger on all sides than the board, on the wrong side with adhesive. Place the board centrally on top, interlining-side down. Fold the fabric edges to the back, and secure with a hot glue gun.

    3. Secure the worded rectangle to the board with a glue gun, then attach five pegs below, each with a button on top. Hang the board with a knot in either end of piping cord, then peg to the top corners and secure with a glue gun. Neaten the back with white paper.