Make a Jennifer Collier paper jug

Create a collier original with Jennifer’s easy four-step jug tutorial, mad e even simpler with the online template!

  • Make a Jennifer Collier paper jug
You’ll need
    • Card
    • Scrap paper
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    1. Photocopy or trace the template onto card, then collage on the back with found and recycled papers. Cut out all of the shapes.

    2. Twist the body of the jug until it reaches the overlap line and glue or staple in place. Fix the inside of the tabs (the non-decorated side) of the base to the outside of the jug’s bottom. Join the base strip over the tabs to hide the construction and add a decorative detail.

    3. Secure the inside of the spout tabs (the non-decorated side) to the outside of the top of the jug. Add collage to hide the joins.

    4. Glue the handle to the opposite side to the spout, or you can use staples if you wish. Curl the top of the handle around a pencil and glue to the top. Twirl the bottom and glue near to the base; this should create a nice curve.