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Make A Hello Hanging

Design your own range of custom stamps with the nifty Silhouette Mint. The machine works by thermal printing your image onto the sheet, and you can then ink it up in your chosen colour. This makes it the ideal tool to ensure your crafts have your own personal stamp on them. Not just fonts, you can also print and stamp photos and images, giving any project a truly unique touch. The Silhouette Mint comes with all you need to get started on creating a stunning floral hanging, perfect for giving your hallway an elegantly welcoming sentiment. This lovely decoration is simply made from wooden squares which have been painted, stamped with a springtime motif and hung together with ribbon. Visit to take a look at the Silhouette Mint.

You'll Need:
    • Silhouette Mint custom stamp maker
    • Stamp kits and sheets
    • Silhouette image, ‘Floral Accent’ by American Crafts
    • Birch plywood 10.5cm squares
    • Rust-oleum Chalky Finish
    • Furniture Paint in Chalk White
    • Extra fine sandpaper
    • Inks in black, blue, green, magenta and yellow
    • Magenta ribbon, 2.5cm wide
    • White flat-backed pearls
    • Adhesives
    1. Following the instructions on the Silhouette Mint, create a Floral Accent stamp onto a 45mm square stamp sheet and add blue, green, magenta and yellow ink. Create four 30mm x 60mm stamps with the letters H, E, L and O and ink these in black.

    2. Paint the front and sides of each wooden square with two coats of white chalk paint. When dry, sand with extra fine sandpaper.

    3. Stamp a letter onto the centre of each square to spell ‘hello’. Press the Floral Accent in the top left and lower right corners.

    4. Lay the squares in order front side down and 2.5cm apart, and glue the ribbon down the centre of each. Leave a tail at the end of the last one and snip into a fish tail.

    5. Add a loop of ribbon to the top square, turn over and glue a large bow to the bottom of the loop. Finish with white flat-backed pearls to the centre of each large pink flower and the yellow flowers.