cork table top,

Make a cork table top

At the end of a stressful day, some of us may enjoy a glass of rosé, or two! So a project that will justify our naughty treat, whilst becoming our latest crafty endeavour is our kind of DIY. Recycle your corks whenever you open a bottle and use them to create this gorgeous rustic-style tabletop. Even better, use corks saved from places or occasions that are special to you and make this a truly personal addition to your home. So next time you sip your favourite tipple, be sure to save the cork!

You’ll need:
    • Deck board: 28mm x140mm x 2.4m

    • Planed softwood: 19mm x 32mm x 2.4m and 44mm x 44mm x 2.4m

    • MDF: 344mm x 344mm x 12mm

    • Right-angle brackets: 40mm x 40mm

    • PVA wood glue

    • Glasspaper: medium

    • A selection of wood screws Wood filler, neutral

    • Ready-mixed wall tile adhesive,

    • UniBond

    • Wax furniture polish, clear

    1. First, make the frame for the top of the table as you would make a picture frame. Cut four 550mm long pieces from your deck board and mitre the ends, then stick them together with PVA glue and clamp firmly while the glue dries.

    2. Cut four pieces from the 19mm x 32mm softwood: two 280mm long and two 344mm long. Screw these around the opening of the frame on the reverse, with the wider side flat on the underside of the deck board. Finally, screw the MDF to the softwood. This should have now formed a frame with a boxed recess.

    3. Cut the 44mm2 softwood into four 500mm lengths to form the legs, using the glasspaper to round off any sharp edges. Attach these to the underside of the boxed recess using PVA glue and the right angle brackets. Fill any gaps with the wood filler. Wait for everything to dry, then sand the whole of the table for a smooth finish.

    4. Work out your cork pattern before using the tile adhesive to stick them into the recess. We put three rows of ordinary corks round the edge and then filled the centre with Champagne ones. Start by covering the bottom of the recess with a layer of tile adhesive, then apply a dab of adhesive to the base of each cork and press it into place. The top of the cork should end up being flush with the frame. Finally, apply a good coat of wax polish to the table and buff to shine.