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Love The Great Pottery Throw Down? Make FIMO Clay Homewares

Are you hooked on The Great Pottery Throw Down already? Well, now you can follow our easy instructions to make a coaster set from the best beginner-friendly modelling medium there is, FIMO clay. Making coasters is a great way make to get yourself into crafting for your home as they can be made in all sorts of materials, from cork to ceramics. Simply twist together sausages of the good stuff, roll them out and repeat to master the marbling technique, and don’t stop there – why not try matching tablemats too for the ultimate gift set?

You'll need:
    • FIMO Soft: No.800 (Pale grey), No.09 (Black), No.35 (Turquoise), No.50 (Green)
    • FIMO Effect in No.58 (Metallic teal)
    • FIMO gloss varnish, find stockists for all FIMO products at
    • Sharp knife or FIMO cutting blade
    • Rolling pin or FIMO acrylic roller
    • Acrylic paint in metallic copper, from
    • Baby oil, optional
    • Each coaster is made separately. The FIMO modeling clay is divided into segments with ridges; using a knife, cut one and a half segments of FIMO Soft pale grey, one piece of black, one piece of turquoise, one piece of green and two pieces of the teal FIMO Effects.

    • Condition the pieces by kneading with your fingers – do this with the paler colours first and the black last so you do not dirty the lighter colours.

    • Roll each colour piece into a ‘sausage’ about 15cm long, some of these rolls will be thicker than others. Combine these five rolls into one larger roll, making sure that the pale and dark colours are mixed up so that all the very dark colours are not adjacent to each other, then twist the whole roll by holding each end and turning in opposite directions.

    • With your hands, roll the twisted sausage into a smooth roll double its original length. Fold in half and twist again, then roll out to the longer length once more. Repeat twice more.

    • Squash all the clay into a ball. Roll out into a sausage, fold, twist and squash into a ball once more.

    • Using a clean and smooth rolling pin or FIMO acrylic roller, roll out the clay to 2.5mm thick. Use a large glass or a round cookie cutter to cut out a circle. Smooth the edges if needed with some baby oil on your finger. Repeat this process for each coaster.

    • Bake in the oven at 110ºC for 30 minutes. Leave to cool. Use a small brush to paint the edges of the coaster with metallic copper paint. For a glossy and waterproof finish, paint all over with FIMO gloss varnish and allow to dry overnight before using.