• Lino Print Fern Artwork
You'll Need:
    • Lino, A6
    • Craft knife
    • Ink-pads
    • Cardstock
    • Permanent fine line pen
    • Frame
    1. Transfer our fern design onto the grey surface of lino with carbon paper, or sketch your own freehand design in pencil. Trace over the completed motif with a permanent fine line pen.

    2. Hold your craft knife at an angle to begin cutting around the outside of the design so the blade slopes away from the drawn line. Make one clean cut against the motif, then shear away the excess lino from the background. Continue to cut in this way, keeping the edges of the pattern clean and clearing the background bit by bit.

    3. Check the lino cut by colouring the surface with an ink-pad and pressing onto clean paper, rubbing over the back of the lino with a dessert spoon for a good impression. If parts of the background are showing up, shear them away.

    4. Place plain cardstock on a completely flat surface and ink up the lino cut with a pale colour. Stamp the leaf design onto the cardstock several times, re-inking after each print. Do the same with two or three more colours, printing the darkest one last. Mount inside a frame to finish.

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