• Leaf motif seat pad
You’ll need
    • Foam block, 3cm deep
    • Patterned fabric
    • Spotty PVC fabric or oil cloth
    • Lining fabric
    • Stud fastening
    • Ruler and pencil
    • Scissors and pins
    • Sewing machine and matching thread
    • Hammer
    1. First cut the foam block to your desired size, then trim a square of patterned fabric 8cm larger, e.g. 44cm foam block would need a 52cm square of fabric. Cut the PVC fabric to the same measurement. Snip a strip of the fabric 30cm long and 10cm wide; this piece is for the handle.

    2. Stitch the two long edges of the strip together with the right sides of the fabric facing, forming a tube. Turn to the right side and press flat. Place the two pieces of fabric with the right sides of the fabric facing each other and position the handle in the centre of one of the edges, pin in place, this becomes the top of the cushion cover.

    3. Stitch with a 1.5cm seam allowance around three of the edges, up one side across the top and down the other leaving a centred gap in the final side, the base, of approximately 25cm. Trim the bulk from the corners and turn to the right side.

    4. Neatly fold the seam allowance along the opening at the base of the cushion pad, then position and attach three studs along the gap. Place the foam inside the cover. A tip to make this process easier is to wrap the foam in a piece of lining fabric to prevent the foam from sticking to the fabric.