Kraft Christmas Crackers

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ faster than the sight of a decorated fir tree; hang baubles, ornaments and handmade paper trinkets to transform your home into a magical space

  • Kraft Christmas Crackers
You’ll need
    • Cardboard tube
    • Kraft paper
    • Green 6mm ribbon
    • Diamante silver rondel beads
    • on wire stems
    • Green duck feathers
    • Natural jute twine
    • Small bits of bamboo or small twigs
    • White glitter paper
    • Pinking shears
    • Craft knife, pencil and ruler
    • Double-sided tap
    1. Cut the cardboard tubes to size and place a small gift inside. Cut a rectangle of brown paper large enough to wrap around the tube and extend over the two ends by 15cm. Centre the tube onto the paper rectangle and roll inside. Secure with a piece of doublesided tape.

    2. To make securing the ends of the crackers easier a tip is to insert another tube into one end, leaving a small gap between the main cracker tube and the other, take a short length of string and wrap around the gap between the tubes and then tie the two ends in a knot, the extra tube will help the paper to gather evenly around the cracker.

    3. Repeat the process on the remaining end, trim the string, then tie ribbon bows on top. Pinch the paper ends together and trim with a pair of pinking shears to create a decorative finish.

    4. Cut a strip of white glitter paper, wrap around the centre of the crackers and secure with double-sided tape. Wrap a length of string around the middle, securing a small piece of bamboo or twig in place. Tie the remainder of the string into a bow. Secure the wired rondel to the centre of the cracker, then slip a green feather underneath to finish.