chunky throw,

Knit a chunky throw

when the Fat & Sassy super bulky yarn arrived in the Homemaker office, we weren’t quite prepared for the frenzy that it would whip up. Anyone who walked past our crafty desk was compelled to stroke it and emit a trill of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ . Everyone wanted a piece of its luxurious lengths and had their own ideas on what we could make with it. But it was Lynne Rowe who was the lucky one and got to knit with the beautiful yarn. On a massive set of 25mm circular needles, she created a stylish throw that is perfect for snugly underneath on a cool evening. When the weather gets warmer, the blanket doubles as a floor rug. Pop it beside your bed and everyday you can put your feet on it and relish the proud feeling that you made something special for your home.

You’ll need:
    • Tjockt Fat

    • Sassy super bulky yarn: bright yellow (1200g), white (300g), cloud (1200g) 25mm circular needles (100cm)


    Approximately 3.1/3.5 sts per inch (tension differs due to the nature of the yarn which changes in thickness throughout the skein)


    Approximately 100cm x 105cm


    The throw is worked in rows on circular needles


    Using 25mm needles, cast on 14 sts in bright yellow, 3 sts in white, 14 sts in cloud (31 sts).

    • Row 1: in cloud K14, in white K3, in yellow K14, twisting yarns at each colour change.

    • Row 2: in yellow K1, P13, in white P3, in cloud P13, K1, twisting yarns at each colour change. Repeat the last two rows until you have approximate 150cm of grey and yellow yarn remaining. Cast off following colour pattern. Weave all yarns ends into WS and using the cast on yarn ends to weave the gaps in between the colour changes closed. Use your fingers to weave in the yarn ends. Pin throw out to 100cm x 105cm. Spray with cold water to block and leave to dry completely.