Knit a chunky stocking

that I’ve shocked even myself by starting to consider Christmas! Usually reserved for December only, this extra special year saw our first baby arrive and the nesting instinct has brought out my festive spirit early. Preparing for and anticipating every last detail is half the charm of the holiday season; as our streets and homes get steadily more sparkly, a warm glow emerges everywhere. Our home is descended upon by friends and we bundle up for blustery country walks before taking up residence in front of open fires with crumpets, wine and old-school board games.

As nights get darker and masses of knitted goodies emerge from my wardrobe, my thoughts are turning to making pressies for friends and family. Christmas for me is about people gathering to catch up and enjoy time together, so rather than extreme shopping I create little gifts for everyone I know, some years they’re great and others are less successful (don’t mention the pottery bowls of 2011!), but it really is the thought that counts. After all, time and effort are surely the most precious gifts you can give?

You’ll need

    *1 pair 10mm needles *Sirdar Big Bamboo: 4 balls *Polar, 1 ball Kindl

    • sl slip the next stitch without working it
    • psso pass slipped
    • stitch over
    • mb make bobble.
    • Into same stitch knit, knit in back, knitturn, p3, turn, k2tog, k1, pass 1st over 2nd
    • cable front: slip 3st to cable needle and hold in front, work 3, work 3 from cable needle
    • cable back: as above but hold stitches on cable needle to the back.
    • turn: turn piece round to face the other way

    Cast on 41st in Kindle

    Row 1: Using Polar k2 using Kindle mb then pick up your Polar again, k3’ x 9, mb in Kindle, k2 in Polar, leave the yarn you’re not using to the back of the work and pick it up as you need it unless it’s at the wrong end in which case cut and re-tie it at the correct end.

    Row 2: Purl in Polar

    Row 3: Using Polar k1 ‘k3 in Polar mb in Kindle’ x 9 k4 in Polar. You should end up with a Polar background and Kindle bobbles

    Row 4: Purl

    Row 5: Knit

    Row 6: Purl

    Row 7: As row 1

    Row 8-10: As rows 4-6

    Row 11: As row 3

    Row 12: Purl

    Row 13 and all other odd rows without instructions otherwise: Purl

    Row 14 and all other even rows without instructions otherwise: Knit

    Row 15-25: As rows 13-14

    Row 26: K1, cable front, k7, cable front, k1, cable back, k7, cable back, k1

    Row 29: P8, cable front, p13, cable back, p8

    Row 32- 58: As rows 26-31

The heel

    P2, using Kindle (tie this onto the polar leaving two longish ends) p16, turn, sl 1, k14, turn, sl 1, p12, turn, sl 1, k10, turn, sl 1, p8, turn, sl 1, k6, sl 1, turn, p8, sl 1, turn, k10, sl 1, turn, p12, sl 1, turn, k14, sl 1, turn, p16, sl 1, then using polar k19 (tie it onto the kindle and cut the kindle leaving a longish end).

    Row 59: P9, p2tog, p8, p2tog, p6, cable back, p2tog, p6,

    Row 62: K1, cable front, k6, cable front, k19

    Row 63: P4, p2tog, p6, p2tog, purl to end

    Row 65: P23, cable back, p7

    Row 68: K1, cable front, k6, cable front, k17

    Rows 69-74: Repeat rows 63-68

    Rows 75-77: Repeat rows 63-65

    Row 78: Using Kindle from now on- knit

    Row 79: P8 sl 1 p2tog psso p14 sl 1 p2tog psso p8

    Row 80: K7 sl 1 k2tog psso k12 sl 1 k2tog psso k7

    Row 81: P6 sl 1 p2tog psso p10 sl 1 p2tog psso p6 Cast off purlwise

Making up

    Wrong sides facing, fold the toe sides in where the decreasing stitches are and sew across the bottom edge of the toe and up the side of the sock. Fold the top over and tie on a hang tag, I made one by plaiting some yarn and making a loop. I used the ends of this to hang some pompoms on (made with the leftover Kindle coloured yarn) but you could do any number of things to add decoration.