kitchen trolley,

Kitchen trolley

When you need extra worktop space, wheel in this fun unit with hanging utensils, a spice rack and a paper towel dispenser.

You’ll need:
    • IKEA unit, RAST

    • Softwood: 44mm x 44mm x 112cm;

    • 145mm x 18mm x 122cm; 44mm x

    • 18mm x 70cm

    • Paint, white satin, blue, green and red

    • Chopping boards

    • Eggcups

    • Wooden dowel

    • Cup hooks

    • Spice jars

    • Hole saws, 45mm and 38mm diameter

    • Jigsaw

    • Tool kit

    1. Assemble the chest of drawers, but do not fit the back hardboard or drawer stops. Using the 44mm x 44mm softwood, make the legs: cut four pieces 28cm long, then make a notch for the chest to sit 15mm x 95mm from the end of each leg. Attach with PVA glue and screws.

    2. Make the work surface by cutting the backs off chopping boards, so you are left with pieces 36cm deep. Leave one board whole and cut two strips 15cm wide from the other. Glue and clamp the short pieces to either side of the whole piece, and leave overnight to dry. Plane and sand the top for a completely flat result.

    3. Use the 145mm wide softwood to make the back stand. Cut a piece 72cm long and draw a curved shape, making sure both sides are 44mm high to join up with the side pieces. Use the 45mm hole saw and use a drill to cut the hole in the middle.

    4. Cut two pieces of the 44mm wide softwood 35cm long for the sides of the top. Curve the ends of these with the jigsaw and attach the back and sides to the chopping board top from underneath, using PVA glue and panel pins. Now fix the chopping board to the top of the chest. Plane and sand the two sides of the chest, then drill and countersink holes from underneath into the chopping board. Screw into place.

    5. To make the decorative front panel, trim 145mm softwood 35cm long and draw curved shapes, then cut out. Drill a hole using the 38mm holesaw in the middle for decoration. Join this to the chest with screws from the back. Now paint the whole chest, including the drawers, with one coat of the white satin emulsion and leave to dry.

    6. Use off-cuts of softwood to create the kitchen roll holder, and secure with PVA glue, panel pins and a glue gun. The top was framed in wooden beading to hold the spice jars in place. Paint it in one of the colours of the utensils, leave to dry and join to the chest from the inside with screws. Attach three cup hooks into the side to hold the utensils.

    7. Secure the egg cups as handles, and an extra one on the kitchen roll holder. Finally, fit the drawer stops and attach the hardboard panel to the back of the chest.