Keep Cool With A Frozen Banoffee Parfait

Greece hit the nail on the head when they came up with the thick, creamy indulgence that is Greek yoghurt. Total Yoghurt, made by FAGE in Athens, is 100% natural, low-fat, high protein and most importantly, utterly delicious. FAGE have whipped up some tasty recipes for us to try using their yoghurt, so we thought we’d share a few with you. The first is this mouthwatering frozen banoffee parfait, just what the doctor ordered on a sticky summer’s day.

  • Keep Cool With A Frozen Banoffee Parfait

    15 minutes + 6 hours freezing time

    • 200g TOTAL 2% Greek Yoghurt
    • 1 large very ripe banana, plus extra to serve
    • 200g canned or jarred caramel eg Carnation, plus 4 tsp to serve
    • 2 medium egg whites, ensure they are yolk free
    1. Mash the banana in a medium bowl until smooth, add the caramel and yoghurt and mix to combine. Line 4 x 175ml approximate mini pudding basins with clingfilm.

    2. Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks, in a very clean bowl. Add a spoonful to the banoffee mix, then carefully fold in the remainder. Spoon into the prepared moulds and freeze for 6 hours or overnight.

    3. To serve, remove to the fridge for 30 minutes before serving. Remove from the moulds and clingfilm. Serve each with sliced banana and the reserved caramel.