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Illuminate Your Initial

Know what it’s like to have your name in lights with our wonderful initial project. It’s been made from scratch, so there’s really a great opportunity to provide a personal touch that’ll sit well within your home.

  • Illuminate Your Initial
You'll Need:
    • White Acrylic Undercoat
    • Paintbrush
    • PlastiKoat Spray Paint, Fluorescent Pink
    • Lustre Glass Bauble Light Chain from The Range
    • 0.6cm and 1.8cm MDF panels
    • Drill and 16mm flat bit
    • No More Nails Instant Grab Adhesive
    • Jigsaw
    • Glass paper, medium and fine
    • Double-sided tape
    • Masking tape
    • Mark out the letter onto the 6mm MDF. Ours was 310mm x 190mm and the thickness of the letter was 70mm. The middle section of the E was 130mm wide. Make two letters, cutting them out with a jigsaw. Sand to smooth and straighten the sides of the initial.

    • Place one of the initial shapes on a flat surface. Make a 2cm spacing block and stick at each corner of the letter with the instant grab adhesive. (The other shape, with the lights attached, will later be rested on these with the space underneath used to hide all the wires.)

    • Measure and cut side pieces from 6mm MDF and stick round the initial with the instant grab adhesive to form the box. Before sticking the base piece cut a hole for the battery pack to be threaded through.

    • Mark the positions of the light bulbs on the second shape. With a piece of scrap wood clamped securely underneath drill 16mm holes to hold the bulbs.

    • Paint all parts with the white undercoat and leave to dry. Leave the shape holding the bulbs white and spray the other parts fluorescent pink following the manufacturer’s instructions. They will need two or three coats.

    • Carefully pull the small LED lights out from the back of larger glass bulbs. Push each glass bulb into the holes on the front of the initial. Then replace the small LED lights from behind. Neatly stick the wires to the back of the letter with masking tape and thread the battery pack through the hole in the base. Place the flat initial with the bulbs on into the 3D letter. This should be a tight fit and no glue should be needed.

    NOTE: Buy a pre-cut MDF letter if your initial is ‘curvy’.