Handmade lavender snowglobes

Whatever your age, the charm of shaking a snow globe never fades. Synonymous with the care-free days of childhood, they’ve become a prominent festive figure. Our snow globes are filled with plastic flowers to create a modern winter scene, but you can fill yours with whatever trinkets you wish.

You’ll need
    • Glycerin and water
    • Plastic Lavender
    • Plastic white leafs
    • Pearl beads
    • Silver glitter
    • Ribbon
    • String
    • Silver cord
    • Card
    • Double sided tape
    • Hot glue gun
    • Washing powder
    1. Remove the lid from a clean jam jar. Cut small pieces from the sprigs of plastic flowers and use a hot glue gun to attach the stems to the inside of the lid. Make sure that as you fix more pieces the arrangement will fit inside the jar.

    2. When you are happy with the effect, cover the surrounding empty areas of the lid by sticking on pearl beads, being careful that they are away from the lid edges to ensure that it will still close tightly.

    3. To make the liquid for the snow globe, mix one part glycerin to two parts water. To break the surface tension of the water, add a pinch of washing powder to the liquid to enable the glitter to fall and settle on the base.

    4. Add the glitter to the jar and carefully insert the prepared lid, making sure to screw on tightly.

    5. Decorate the base of the jar by tying string and silver cord in bows around the neck, then make a cuff for the lid from a strip of white card covered with ‘Happy Christmas’ ribbon.