• Glitter vases
You’ll need
    • Cylindrical glass vases
    • Thick PVA glue
    • Fine glitter
    • Washi tape
    • Sponge applicator
    • Sheet of paper
    • Soft brush
    1. Use a sponge applicator to coat the inside of the vase with an even layer of thick PVA glue. Tip fine glitter into the vase, tilt and rotate it to spread the glitter up the sides. As you approach the top of the vase make sure that there is a sheet of paper underneath to catch leftover glitter.

    2. Allow the glue to dry completely, tap the vase onto a worktop a couple of times, then pour out the loose glitter onto paper before working on the outside. Use washi or low-tack tape to mark out stripes around the outside of the vase, keeping the lines level and varying the width.

    3. Work on one stripe at a time, paste PVA glue between the tape. Tilt the vase and sprinkle glitter over the top, rotating the vase as you go and catching the excess on paper so it can be reused. Continue on the remaining lines in the same way.

    4. Carefully remove the masking tape before the PVA glue dries completely, to reveal smooth edges to the stripes. Allow the glue to totally dry, tap off the excess glitter and seal with diluted PVA glue dabbed over the top with a soft brush.