Glitter Christmas Baubles

Fix vintage spools to a plank of wood for an easy hanging rack

  • Glitter Christmas Baubles
You’ll need
    • White baubles in different sizes
    • Masking tape
    • PVA glue
    • Paint brush
    • Circlular sponges
    • Fine glitter: duck egg blue, red, white
    • Garden wire
    • Newspaper
    1. First, mask off the area you wish to glitter. Masking tape stretches slightly, enabling you to mask curved lines. These baubles were masked at angles across the surface. Mark the baubles in varying styles, some with straight line and some diagonal.

    2. When you are happy with the lines and that the two ends of tape join, paint the area to be glittered with PVA glue, making sure that the surface is completely covered, with no drips. Next, sprinkle on the glitter, covering the area heavily. If an area is missed with glue use a small paint brush to dab a bit on and reapply the glitter. Shake off the excess.

    3. Use a small length of garden wire to hang the bauble to dry. When dry, brush off any excess glitter. To create the spots, first mark the positions of the dots with a pencil and then dab a small round sponge into the PVA glue – you can make these with a circle punch. As before, sprinkle the glitter onto the surface, shake off the excess, leave to dry and brush off any stray glitter.