Glass waves mosiac

What to do with all those pieces of sea glass? Hang them on your wall, of course

Building a collection of anything is a deeply satisfying hobby, but when storage is lacking and your hoard is overflowing, there’s only one thing to do… Craft! Amanda Walker’s lovely ocean-inspired design pays homage to the tide and preserves your treasured sea glass in a beautiful piece of artwork. It’s perfect for a bathroom or guest bedroom, or anywhere you’d like to instil a sense of calm.

You’ll need
    • Blue and clear sea glass
    • Shells
    • Box frame, B&Q
    • Small pieces of drift wood
    • Cream card
    • Glue gun
    • Double-sided tape
    • Ruler and pencil
    • Craft knife and cutting board
    1. Use the aperture mount from the frame as a guide to draw two rectangles onto cream card and a scrap of white paper. Use our template to draw a wave onto paper, then cut out. Trace the shape onto each of the cream card rectangles.

    2. Stick the sea glass over the wave shape with a glue gun, and try to distribute the blue and clear glass fairly evenly around the wave. When you have completed the two wave shapes, add a few small shells to the surface of the glass.

    3. Trim down the excess card around the wave rectangles and stick them behind the aperture of the mount, then place the mount back into the picture frame.

    4. To finish, hang the picture onto your wall and then arrange small pieces of drift wood on the base of the box frame.