Gingerbread Christmas decorations

Bring some Scandinavian style to your home this Christmas with these quirky gingerbread decorations. Don’t worry about getting out your kitchen scales though, these little beauties aren’t your traditional fare, they’re made from FIMO soft polymer modelling clay and FIMO liquid gel. As well as saving time with weighing ingredients and kneading dough, you’ll also be dodging extra hassle for years to come as, unlike their edible counterparts, these gingerbreads don’t ever go stale! Plus, if you have a specific scheme, you can match your choice of FIMO to the rest of your d?cor, perfect for those Homemakers who crave co-ordination. Just remember not to take a cheeky taste while you’re crafting!

You’ll need
    • FIMO soft in cognac, indian red, peppermint, white
    • FIMO liquid gel
    • Accessories: modelling tools, mini shaped cutters, acrylic roller, grind‘n’polish sponges
    • Coloured inks
    • Cookie cutters
    • Plastic containers
    • Cocktail stick
    • Baking tray
    • Baking parchment
    • Ribbon
    1. Knead a block of cognac FIMO until soft and roll out to 5mm thick. Cut a shape using a cookie cutter and use a smaller cutter to make a hole in the middle. Add small balls of white, peppermint and red FIMO for decoration using a modelling tool to push one ball onto another.

    2. Make a hole near the top with a cocktail stick; check it goes all the way through as the ribbon will be threaded through later. Place the decoration on a baking tray covered with baking parchment and press down gently, ensuring there are no raised areas that the FIMO liquid gel can seep through.

    3. Squeeze a small amount of FIMO liquid gel into a plastic container. Add a drop of coloured ink to the gel and stir with a modelling tool until it is evenly mixed. Scoop up a blob of the coloured gel with a teaspoon and drop it into the middle of the decoration. Spread it evenly to fill the hole to a maximum of 3mm deep to retain the transparency of the gel.

    4. Make more decorations in the same way. Place the baking tray onto the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven and bake at 110?C for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Use grind‘n’polish sponges to smooth any uneven edges and tie a ribbon through the hole to complete your decoration.