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Fold Paper Gems

It’s time to throw away your pot pourri and prep your vases and bowls for some more glamorous occupants – these beautiful paper gems. Corinne Bradd has a knack of making the simplest ideas look really special and these shapes are no exception. Choose sparkly, shiny and holographic card and, with some precision cutting and sticking, you can create a plethora of gorgeous gems. Stack plenty in different shapes and sizes onto cake stands, into fruit bowls or along a mantelpiece. You could even string some up for an eye-catching garland or mobile, or increase the template size and use to wrap up a present. Who wouldn’t want to receive such a perfect parcel?

You'll Need:
    • Thin patterned paper
    • Plain cardstock
    • PVA glue and fine tip applicator
    • Small ball-ended tool
    1. Trace a gem template onto the back of your chosen cardstock. Use a ruler and small ball-ended tool to score along all the fold lines. Cut out the shape with a craft knife or scissors and fold along all the score lines.

    2. Fold up the card as indicated by the letters on the templates, (e.g. A to A, B to B etc.) to check the fit. Use a thick PVA in a fine tip applicator bottle to apply a little glue to the first tab and fix to the corresponding section of the gem. Hold in position for a few seconds before moving on to the next tab, giving it time to stick.

    3. Carefully tuck the last section in place before applying glue inside the gem with the fine tip to avoid marking the outside of the shape. Leave the glue to set before checking all sides are adhered.