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Fold Origami Hearts

The ancient art of origami can produce some beautiful, captivating creations, many of which begin with an identical sequence of folds. These folds are known as bases and they are really useful
to master before you attempt any origami project. Origami pros, dive right in and enjoy!

  • Fold Origami Hearts
You'll Need:
    • Patterned papers
    1. Fold a square of patterned paper in half horizontally, patterned side out, and unfold. Fold and unfold left to right, patterned side out. Fold the bottom edge up to meet the centre crease and turn over keeping the fold nearest you.

    2. Fold up the two bottom corners to the centre vertical line. The pattern on the paper should from a ‘T’ shape. Fold in and unfold the left and right sides of the model.

    3. Open the left side to return it to step two. Fold the horizontal crease over to meet itself and, while holding this in place, push the bottom of the fold into a point again. Repeat on the right side. Turn the model over and fold the square panel down over the point. Crease the square panel in half horizontally.

    4. Open out the bottom and pull the corners apart to allow the bottom edge to meet the top of the panel and the ends to tilt out, making a boat shape. Flatten the folds neatly. Fold the boat shape in half horizontally and half again. Unfold and use these creases as guide lines to concertina fold the boat eight times.

    5. Pinch crease the centre of the concertina and fan the ends of the boat out to form wings. Fold over the inner and outer corners of the top edge for an attractive heart shape and flip over.