flower show,

Flower show

Wow your friends and family with this indoor floral display with its cute flowerpot drawer handles

  • Flower show
You’ll need:
    • IKEA unit, RAST

    • MDF, 76cm x 32cm x 18mm

    • Softwood, 76cm x 3cm x 16mm

    • Paint, Rust-Oleum: Chalky Finish in

    • Bramwell and Antique White

    • Finishing wax, Rust-Oleum

    • Flower pots

    • Jigsaw

    • Power router

    • PVA glue

    • Panel pins, 40mm

    • Glasspaper and wire wool

    1. Use the jigsaw to round off each end of the softwood, then stick to the back of MDF with PVA glue. Nail the panel pins from underneath to hold it in place, then stick to the top of the chest with the softwood at the back. Secure with panel pins, and round off the corners.

    2. Draw a rounded shape on the bottom panel, then cut out with the jigsaw. Use a power router to create grooves in the drawer fronts. A similar effect can be achieved with mouldings.

    3. Lightly sand the chest and apply a coat of Bramwell green paint. Leave to dry overnight, then go over with Antique White. Once dry, use glass paper and wire wool to rub through the top layer of paint to reveal the green underneath.

    4. Vacuum the dust off and apply the finishing wax. Leave for ten minutes and buff with a clean cloth. Attach flower pots as drawer handles; use a washer and foam rubber under the screw head to avoid the terracotta breaking.