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Fashion A Fabric Fruit Bowl

Keep your fruit organised in the prettiest of ways with our fabric basket. Made from a patchwork of Dashwood Studio prints, it’ll add serious style points to your kitchen.

  • Fashion A Fabric Fruit Bowl
You'll Need:
    • Coordinating cotton fabric, Dashwood Studio Suffolk Garden collection
    • 2oz cotton quilt wadding
    • White cotton backing fabric
    1. Using the template, cut four sections from one fabric, four from a coordinating print and four pieces of wadding. Sew two of each fabric panel together on the short edges, right side together with a 0.5cm seam allowance, to make a ring. Do the same with the remaining fabric pieces. Oversew the wadding pieces together in the same way.

    2. Place the fabric rings right sides together, matching up seam lines, and lay over the wadding. Pin all the layers together along the top edge and stitch. Trim away the excess wadding from the seam before folding one fabric ring over the top to sandwich the wadding. Topstitch the seam 0.5cm from the edge.

    3. Cut two squares of fabric and one square of wadding. Tack one fabric square to the wadding, right side out. Pin and stitch the square to the raw edges at the base of the rings, matching up the corners to the centre points of each section. Take the remaining square and fold under 0.5cm along each edge. Pin and slip stitch to the reverse of the base, covering all the raw edges of the fabric and wadding as you do so.