• Fabric mug holders
You’ll need

    *Cotton fabric

    *Medium-weight quilt wadding



    1. Measure the circumference of your mug and cut two pieces of cotton fabric and one piece of wadding this long. The depth of the fabric is dependant on the height of the mug and needs to be 2cm shorter.

    2. Place the cotton pieces right-sides together and pin the wadding underneath. Sew around three sides of the rectangle with a 6mm seam allowance, leaving one short end open. Trim away the excess wadding outside the seams before turning out the cottons to leave the wadding sandwiched between the two.

    3. Make two 7cm lengths of piping by folding in the long edges of a 4cm wide strip of cotton and then folding in half and top-stitching. Wrap the padded cotton around the mug and mark points inside and under the handle.

    4. Fold in the raw edges of the padded cotton, position loops of piping at the appropriate points and top-stitch the seam to secure them. Wrap around the mug and mark the position for the buttons. Sew buttons in place, wrap around the mug and secure.