• Envelope Advent Calendar
You’ll need
    • Brown paper
    • Self-adhesive glitter lettering and numbers
    • Green and red ribbon
    • Small buttons
    • Silver bows with bells
    • Drawing pins
    • Small wooden pegs
    • Small round red card tags
    • Tongue and groove wooden planks
    • Hard board
    • White emulsion paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Craft knife, pencil and ruler
    • Double-sided tape
    • Sticky tape
    • ‘No nails’ glue
    1. To make the frame, cut a piece of hard board to 27.5cm x 44cm, then cut the wooden tongue and groove planks to length. Clip the wood together then, using ‘No Nails’ glue, stick it to the hard board. Sand any rough edges and paint in white emulsion.

    2. Using the template provided, cut out 25 small pockets in brown paper. Make the pockets by folding in the sequence indicated on the template. The first two folds are single folds; the third is two layers together, use tape to secure the flaps to the back to form the pockets.

    3. Stick the self-adhesive glitter numbers and letters to the pockets. On a few spell out the number and on others just use numerals. Use narrow double-sided tape to stick ribbons, tags, bows, and buttons to decorate the pockets.

    4. Once all pockets are complete, cut three lengths of cord and attach these to the tongue and groove panel with drawing pins. Fix eight pockets randomly along each cord with small wooden pegs, then use a drawing pin to secure the twenty fifth pocket to the corner of the panel. Finally, attach a length of ribbon with drawing pins to make a hanging loop.