• Embroidered Robin Cushion
You’ll need
    • Felt
    • Needle felting wool
    • Clover needle felting tool
    • Clover needle felting mat
    • Fabric
    • Cushion pad
    • Sewing machine
    • Quilting foot that fits your machine
    1. Get your cushion pad and measure its size. If it is 12”x12” you want to cut your front panels so you have a 13” square to sew. This leaves room for your hems and seams. Cut your front patchwork panels making sure you leave an extra half-inch to sew each panel together. Press your seams open.

    2. Once you have your front cushion piece, choose a template of a robin. Cut this out of a base piece of felt, preferably a colour that will blend with your robin. Lay it on top of the mat. Cut tufts of needle felting wool off and use your tool to punch the wool on top of your base shape. Ensure you needle felt in the direction of the feathers – this adds to the texture.

    3. Once the robin is covered in felted wool, trim around the edge, then sew it onto one of your patchwork panels. Get your quilting foot and free-hand machine embroider your chosen wording onto your cushion front. Add details to the robin in the same way.

    4. Cut two panels to make an enveloped back to your cushion. Use your front panel as a guide and make sure the pieces overlap by a good amount – remembering to leave extra space for the hem. Lay the envelope back pieces ensuring all your right sides are inside and sew around the whole square. Turn right way and press, making sure you avoid the felt.