• Embroider A Pair Of Beetles
You'll Need:
    • Plain cotton fabric
    • Plain and metallic embroidery thread
    • Soft coloured pencil
    • Embroidery hoop
    • Small canvas or rectangle of board
    1. Trace our beetle design onto clean, pressed cotton using a soft coloured pencil. Fit the cotton tightly into an embroidery hoop without over-stretching the fabric and distorting the design.

    2. Begin sewing from the centre of the body out, using parallel satin stitch to cover the wing casing. Mix single strands of different threads together for an iridescent finish, working with two or three at a time and ensuring the threads don’t twist as you sew.

    3. Add detailing to the body, head and legs of the beetle with tiny chain stitch worked with a single thread and in the same direction each time for a neat, textured surface. Continue to use satin stitch to fill in larger areas of colour and outline sections with small backstitch for definition.

    4. Press the reverse of the completed embroidery and lay over a small canvas or piece of board. Secure the edges of the fabric to the back with doublesided tape, stretching it taut as you do so before covering the raw edges with masking tape.

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