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Easy Patchwork Quilt

Ever wanted to give a patchwork quilt a try but not sure where to start? If you said yes, then this gorgeous lap blanket in rich blues and greens is a fantastic beginner project. It’s not something you need to rush, so there’s no risk of getting yourself in a tizzy. All you need is a basic haberdashery kit, including fabric, scissors and a sewing machine. And with Corinne Bradd’s simple step-by-steps, it really is very easy to master. Good luck newbies!

You’ll need:
    • Fabric, cozy cotton: marine donuts, marine pattern, marine spots, lime, ocean, navy

    • Lightweight quilt wadding, 90cm x 120cm

    • Backing fabric, white cotton, 90cm x 120cm

    • Scissors

    • Sewing machine

    • Pins

    • Finished size: 85cm x 115cm

    1. Cut 17 pieces, each 16cm square, from the donuts patterned fabric and set aside. Cut nine rectangles, 6cm x 16cm, from all six fabrics. Stitch three rectangles together, alternating designs, with a 5mm seam allowance to make 18 blocks measuring 16cm square. Press the blocks on the reverse to flatten the seams.

    2. Assemble the quilt top by laying out alternate striped and donut blocks into a panel five blocks wide by seven blocks long. Rotate the striped blocks in every other row. Pin and sew the blocks together into rows before stitching the rows together, matching up the short seams accurately.

    3. Press the quilt top and trim the edges of the quilt square, if necessary. Cut the remaining navy fabric into 6cm wide strips and join end-to-end to make one continuous piece. Stitch a length of navy strip to either side of the quilt top, then add strips to the top and bottom to make an overlapped border. Fold under 5mm on all edges and press.

    4. Lay the white backing fabric on a flat surface and place the quilt wadding over it. Lay the quilt top centrally over this and pin together every other square. Quilt the pieces along the seam lines as desired, ensuring that the backing fabric remains smooth and uncreased. Remove the pins. Trim the wadding to the folded edge of the quilt top. Fold the backing fabric over the wadding and pin the two folded edges together, mitring the corners neatly. Top stitch the sides of the quilt together 2mm from the edge to finish.