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Easy Marble Notebooks

We love stationery. Who doesn’t? You can end up having stacks upon stacks of notebooks, diaries and journals, which can end up breaking the bank - especially if your addiction is as strong as ours. So we’ve put together this exclusive project, featuring on-trend marble. It’s super easy to do - you’ll end up wanting to create lots of unique notebooks for every mood. Give it a go!

  • Easy Marble Notebooks
You'll Need:
    • Exercise books and marble sticky-backed plastic, we got ours from Wilko
    • Gold washi tape, we got ours from The Lovely Desk
    1. Remove the protective layer from marble sticky-backed plastic, then lay down so the sticky side is facing up. Flatten out an exercise book and lay down onto the plastic, so the covers are face-down. Work towards the corner of a sticky sheet to avoid waste, leaving approximately 3cm all around the notebook.

    2. Check that there aren’t any air bubbles before continuing - if there are some, you should be able to smooth these out easily. At each corner of the exercise book, snip a square of sticky-backed plastic away. Next, fold the sides in as neatly as possible. To finish, cover the inside covers with a rectangle of marble sticky-backed plastic to neaten.