• Easy festive curtains
You’ll need
    • Julie Dodsworth fabric
    • Red satin ribbon
    • Christmas buttons
    • Sewing machine with matching thread
    • Tape measure, scissors, pins and iron
    1. Measure from the underneath of the pole at your window to the desired length of your curtains, then measure the length of the pole. As a rule, the fullness of curtains should be double the length of the pole.For our curtains, a 1m width in each curtain gave enough fullness. 10cm was added to the length to accommodate the hem and an extra 1.5cm for the top seam.

    2. Fold and press in 2cm along each side edge, then another 2cm. Pin these folds to secure, then edge stitch in place. Repeat the process for the other curtain.Fold and press 5cm along the base, then another 5cm, pin, then edge stitch the hem.

    3. Cut red ribbon for the curtains tabs. Ours had six tabs per curtain; the length is dependent on the diameter of your pole, the thicker the polethe longer the tabs will be. |Add a little extra length to ensure ease when drawing the curtains, then add an extra 8cm for the button. Cut a point at one end of each length.

    4. Next, place the ribbon along the top of the curtains. As a rough guide, the tabs should be less than 15cm apart. Pin the tabs to the raw edge at the top of the curtains onto the rightside with the point of the tabs facing down. Stitch each in place.

    5. Cut a strip of fabric 8cm wide and the width of each curtain, plus 3cm seam allowance (1.5cm at each end). Fold and press 1.5cm along one of the long edges. With the right side of this strip and the right side of the curtain facing, pin the un-folded edge of the strip to the raw edge at the top of the curtain together. The ends of the strip should overhang the two edges by 1.5cm.

    6. Stitch the strip in place with a 1.5cm seam allowance; the tabs will be sandwiched in between the two layers. Turn the strip to the wrong side, press, fold in the two ends, pin along the folded edge of the strip, then edge stitch in place. Finally make each length of ribbon into a loop by pinning the pointed end over onto the right side of the curtain and then stitching a button through all layers to secure the tab.